Pharmapak partners:


We would like to present you company Pharmapak d.o.o., as the various representative programs we offer.

Our goal is to facilitate your work and increase the productivity of your business. The company Pharmapak d.o.o covers all markets of the former Yugoslavia, such as Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia in the area of sales of the packaging machinery. With each year passing the company is developing and growing, and therefore our representative program is expanding according to customer’s requirements and needs.

We act as business partners and representatives of many international companies such as: Hapa, Pester, Norden, Sepha, SYMEX, Prodieco, Pago and others who are producing machines for: counting, mixing, homogenising, dosing, filling, closing, labeling, cartoning, bundling, palletizing and printing on different materials.

In the quality of our representative program and our activities are allready convinced many leading companies such as; Lek, Krka, Henkel, Marifarm, Pliva, Belupo, Bosnalijek, Hemofarm, Alkaloid and others.