Romaco Noack

Romaco Noack– blister machines at the very highest level

The Noack brand has established Romaco internationally as a supplier of choice when it comes to robust, flexible blister solutions for small to medium batch sizes. Contract packaging companies and generics manufacturers particularly appreciate the short retooling times that speed up product changeovers as well as the high level of reliability and availability.

Romaco Noack 900 Series

Noack 930 Noack 960
Max. output (blisters/min.) 400 700
Max. no. of blister lanes 4 6
Max. forming cycles/min. 100 100
Max. cutting cycles/min. 120 120
Max. foil width (mm) 165 235
Max. forming area (mm) 155 x 180 225 x 180
Max. cutting area (mm) 155 x 140 225 x 140
Max. forming depth (mm) 12 12

Romaco NOACK 921 Blister Machine

The 921 is an efficient rotary sealing machine that delivers an unbeatable ratio of productivity to floor space – less than four meters long with an output of up to 400 blisters a minute.

It covers a wide range of applications from tablets through soft or hard gelatin capsules to caplets. Child-proof and senior-friendly packs, aluminum blisters (cold formed) and multilayer lidding materials are likewise no problem.

  Noack 921
Max. output (blisters/min.) 400
Max. no. of blister lanes 5
Max. forming cycles/min. 100
Max. cutting cycles/min.  200
Max. foil width (mm) 210
Max. forming area (mm) 200 x 180
Max. cutting area (mm) 200 x 160
Max. forming depth (mm) 12

Romaco Noack 623

N623 provides innovative packaging technology at the very highest level: quick format changes and easy adjustment guarantee a very long lifetime. This intermittent motion machine is ideal for packing tablets, capsules, ampoules and syringes.

Noack 623
Max. output (blisters/min.) 400
Max. no. of blister lanes 6
Max. forming cycles/min. 80
Max. cutting cycles/min. 80
Max. foil width (mm) 230
Max. forming area (mm) 220 x 158
Max. forming depth (mm) 25

Romaco Noack DPN 760 Blister Machine

DPN 760 is the ideal solution for contract packers and manufacturers of generics. It can be used whenever short retooling times, maximum reliability and high availability are a must. It is an optimal entry-level machine which also offers a number of upgrade options to increase productivity.

  Noack DPN 760
Max. output (blisters/min.) 200
Max. no. of blister lanes 4
Max. forming cycles/min. 60
Max. cutting cycles/min. 60
Max. foil width (mm) 160
Max. forming area (mm) 156 x 138
Max. forming depth (mm) 25

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