Romaco Promatic

Romaco Promatic– innovative cartoning machines.

With numerous innovations and advanced technologies, Romaco Promatic has evolved into a globally recognized brand.

Customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries trust in the groundbreaking cartoning solutions, rich know-how and excellent customer service of Romaco Promatic.

Romaco Promatic PC 4000 Horizontal Cartoners

The Promatic PC 4000 series is a flexible high speed cartoner range designed to satisfy the most demanding applications. It offers a wide range of tailor-made feeding options for different products.

The PC 4000 range of cartoners consistently delivers flexibility, ergonomics and efficiency at speeds up to 400 cartons/min

PC 4250 PC 4300 PC 4400
Mechanical speed 270 320 420
Size in range, in mm min. max. min. max. min. max.
A 20 120 25 95 25 75
B 15 80 15 70 15 70
C 60 210 60 200 60 160
A+B 200 165 145

Romaco Promatic P 91 Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoners

The Promatic P 91 cartoners are intermittent motion cartoners. The fully GMP compliant balcony design machine facilitates high accessibility, easy cleaning and reduced risk of cross contamination

  P 91 P91 S P 91 L
Mechanical speed 100 140 80

Romaco Promatic BIPAK Vertical Cartoner

The BIPAK vertical cartoner is reliable, flexible and versatile. It can be operated in either continuous or intermittent mode depending on the cartoning application. The standard Bipak model is semi-automatic but a wide range of automatic feed units can also be supplied as optional equipment

Mechanical speed, intermittent motion (cpm) 50 45
Mechanical speed, continuous motion (cpm) 120 100

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